Legal Procedures
Buying a property in Turkey is not as complicated as you may think, although it can be time consuming but we aim to make the process as easy as possible for you.

Foreigners are able to purchase land and property under their own names.

Once a sale has been agreed an application is made to the local land registry office to acquire the title deed of the property (known locally as tapu).

A copy of your passport is sent to the Ministry of Defense for authorization which can take from 6 to 10 weeks. Once all the checks on the property or land have been carried out and the authorization has been returned from the Ministry of Defense the title deeds will be changed into your name.
Should you decide to sell your property you can do at any time and are free to take the money out of the country.

Buying Expenses

PURCHASE PRICE : Price of the house
AGENCY FEE :%3 of the purchase price
PURCHASE TAX : %3 of the price on the titlee deed
DEED EXPENSES : In old times, they never requested 1/5000 sqm map from Military but this year they started requesting that extra sized additional to the ones with 1/25,000 scale and this could only be received from Municipality that charges app. Nearly £500 for the maps in question. you need to pay now to start to deed procudure
TRANSFER ELECTRIC&WATER : from (100£ – 225£)
when deed goes on your name in 3 months